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Have you ever wondered, is it illegal to sell a used mattress? Selling a used mattress can be a quick way to earn some extra cash, but there are legal aspects to consider. In this blog post, we explore the ins and outs of selling used mattresses, from understanding federal and state regulations to preparing your mattress for sale. We’ll also provide a state-by-state guide to help you navigate the complex world of mattress resale laws.

Short Summary

  • Understand applicable federal and state regulations when selling a used mattress.

  • Prepare the mattress for sale with proper sanitation, inspection of damage, and labeling requirements.

  • Research platforms to sell on, be honest in advertising & consider donating or recycling.

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1. Understanding the Laws on Selling Used Mattresses

Before you attempt to sell a used mattress, it’s essential to understand the laws governing this process. The sale of used mattresses is subject to both federal and state regulations, with some states prohibiting it entirely. This is because mattresses can harbor allergens, bed bugs, and other health risks.

To sell a used mattress, it must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, including washing the cover and eliminating any visible stains. Additionally, some states require labeling the mattress to ensure transparency for potential buyers.

Federal Regulations

At the federal level, the Consumer Product Safety Commission enforces flammability standards for mattresses. This means that a used mattress must have a flammability label, whether it’s domestically produced or not.

To comply with the Federal Flammability Standard, a mattress must pass tests such as being placed on top of smoldering cigarettes or burned matches. The intent of instituting these federal laws is to diminish the occurrence and severity of mattress fires.

State-Specific Regulations

State-specific regulations vary when it comes to selling used mattresses. Certain state laws necessitate the inclusion of tags that indicate the condition or composition of the used mattress. For example, a yellow or red tag system is employed to indicate the condition of the used mattress, including the presence of used materials.

Vendors selling used mattresses, including memory foam mattresses, are required to maintain records outlining the mattress cleaning process and to furnish such records for inspection by state authorities upon request.

To ensure compliance with state regulations, it’s essential to research your state’s specific laws on selling used mattresses.

Preparing Your Used Mattress for Sale

2. Preparing Your Used Mattress for Sale

Preparing a used mattress for sale requires proper sanitation and inspection for damage, as well as adhering to labeling requirements. Ensuring that your mattress is clean and in good condition helps prospective buyers feel confident in their purchase. It also demonstrates that you are a responsible seller who cares about the well-being of the buyer.

Let’s take a closer look at the steps involved in preparing your used mattress for sale.

Sanitizing and Cleaning

Sanitizing and cleaning a used mattress before selling it is crucial to ensure the health and safety of the buyer. To comply with state laws, it is not permissible to sell a mattress that has been stained with bodily fluids or hazardous materials.

Recommended methods for sanitizing a used mattress include steam cleaning, commercial laundering, and chemical treatment. Disinfecting the mattress regularly, following cleaning, is also important. Use approved disinfectant products and follow the directions on the label.

Inspecting for Damage

Before selling a used mattress, it’s essential to inspect it for any damage. This includes checking for broken zippers, securing loose threads, and ensuring the mattress remains body-supportive.

It is not permissible to sell a mattress that has been, or is currently, infested with bed bugs. Taking the time to inspect and repair your mattress not only complies with state regulations, but also shows that you are a trustworthy seller.

Labeling Requirements

Labeling a used mattress is important to prevent it from being marketed as new. The labeling requirements for used mattresses differ by state. A yellow tag on a used mattress indicates that it has undergone cleaning, washing, and sanitization.

Properly labeling your used mattress ensures transparency for the buyer and compliance with state laws.

Facebook Marketplace

3. Choosing the Best Platform to Sell Your Used Mattress

There are numerous platforms available for selling used mattresses. Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, eBay Classifieds, Kijiji, Amazon and furniture stores are some popular options. Shopping for furniture has never been easier! Each platform has its own fees and requirements, so be sure to research and compare them before deciding on the best platform for your needs.

Keep in mind that you must verify the regulations of the platform you choose to ensure that the sale of used mattresses is not prohibited.

4. Setting the Right Price for Your Mattress

Setting the right price for your used mattress is an important factor in ensuring a successful sale. To determine a fair price, consider the age, condition, size, cost of shipping or delivery, original cost, and condition of the mattress.

Be realistic about the resale value of your mattress, keeping in mind that potential buyers are looking for a good deal. By setting a reasonable price, you increase the likelihood that your used mattress will sell quickly and easily.

Can You Sell a Used Mattress?

5. Legal Considerations When Advertising Your Used Mattress

When advertising your used mattress for sale, there are several legal considerations to keep in mind. It is important to provide a thorough description of the mattress, including its age, condition, and any other pertinent information. Additionally, include clear photographs so potential buyers can visualize the item.

Honesty is key; be sure to disclose any flaws or damage. By following these guidelines, you can increase the likelihood of a successful sale while adhering to legal requirements.

Donating or Recycling Your Used Mattress

6. Donating or Recycling Your Used Mattress

If you are unable to sell your used mattress or simply prefer an alternative option, consider donating or recycling it. Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill accept donations of old mattresses in good condition.

Another option is to recycle your used mattress through programs available in certain cities and states. Donating or recycling your used mattress is an environmentally friendly and socially responsible alternative to selling it.

What States Is It Illegal to Sell Used Mattresses?

7. State-by-State Breakdown of Used Mattress Laws

The regulations concerning the sale of pre-owned mattresses differ from state to state. For example, in California, it is forbidden to offer mattresses with any visible stains. In New York, individuals are allowed to acquire a second-hand mattress. In Texas, the pre-owned mattress must be sanitized and have a tag to signify that it is pre-owned.

To ensure compliance with legal requirements when selling a used mattress, it is advisable to contact your local health department to ascertain the applicable laws in your state. To further assist you, we have provided a state-by-state breakdown of used mattress laws. However, this information is subject to change, and it is essential to verify the current regulations in your state by contacting your local department of health.

By doing so, you can ensure that you are complying with all legal requirements while maximizing the potential for a successful sale.


In conclusion, selling a used mattress involves understanding federal and state regulations, preparing the mattress for sale, setting the right price, choosing the best platform, and advertising it legally. By following these guidelines, you can increase the likelihood of a successful sale while adhering to legal requirements. Remember, donating or recycling your used mattress is an alternative option if you are unable to sell it or prefer a more environmentally friendly solution.

We hope that this state-by-state guide has provided you with the information you need to navigate the complex world of used mattress laws. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently sell your used mattress while ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. Happy selling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to sell a used mattress in Florida?

Based on the information available, it is not legal to sell a used mattress in Florida without sanitizing it first and including a warning label.

This is to ensure that customers are aware of the risks involved with buying pre-owned mattresses.

Can you sell a used mattress in New York?

Unfortunately, selling a used mattress in New York is not permitted. The New York State Bedding Law strictly restricts the refurbishment and resale of used mattresses or box springs. Establishments must register with the State and adhere to certain sanitary standards before selling such items.

Is it illegal to sell used mattresses in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, it is not illegal to sell used mattresses. However, state regulations require sellers of used mattresses to ensure they are sanitized before the sale. Therefore, if you’re selling a used mattress in the state, make sure you take the necessary steps to guarantee its cleanliness.

Conclusion: It is not illegal to sell used mattresses in Minnesota, however they must be sanitized before being sold.

Is it illegal to sell a used mattress in the US?

Selling used mattresses is generally allowed in the United States, but consumers should be aware that it may not meet the safety standards set by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).

Therefore, it is important to ensure that your mattress meets CPSC standards before selling it.

Is it illegal to sell a used mattress?

No, it is generally not illegal to sell a used mattress. However, there might be certain regulations and requirements that need to be followed to ensure the mattress is safe and sanitary for the next user. These regulations vary by jurisdiction, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific laws and guidelines of your state or local area.

Can you sell a used mattress?

Yes, you can sell a used mattress in most cases. Selling used mattresses can be a common practice, whether through online platforms, classified ads, or second-hand stores. However, it’s crucial to comply with any relevant regulations, such as disclosing information about the mattress’s condition, age, and any potential defects or stains. It’s also important to ensure that the mattress is clean, free from bed bugs or other pests, and doesn’t pose any health risks to the buyer.

What states is it illegal to sell used mattresses?

There is no comprehensive list of states where it is illegal to sell used mattresses. However, some states may have specific regulations regarding the sale of used mattresses, such as requiring proper sanitation and labeling. It is recommended to consult the specific laws and regulations of your state or seek legal advice for accurate information.