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Need the city of Austin bulk pickup calendar for 2024? Get the pickup dates and guidelines you’re looking for right here.

Key Takeaways

  • Austin residents can use the ‘My Schedule’ tool on the city’s website and the Austin Recycles app to track and manage their bulk pickup schedule, including setting reminders.

  • The bulk collection service accepts a variety of items sorted into metal, non-metal, and passenger car tires, requiring proper separation for efficient pickup.

  • For items not eligible for bulk collection, Austin provides the Recycle and Reuse Drop-off Center and other disposal options like Ex-Mattress.

Austin’s 2024 Bulk Pickup Calendar

City of Austin Bulk Pickup Calendar 2024 displayed on a smartphone

Austin residents can conveniently track their bulk pickup schedule using a tool provided by the city. The ‘My Schedule’ tool on the city’s official website provides a personalized calendar for bulk item pickups. Whether it’s bulky waste items, bulk junk, or large bulky items, you can stay on top of your collection schedule with ease.

This tool isn’t just confined to your desktop. The Austin Recycles app additionally offers access to your bulk pickup schedule. The app lets you:

  • Integrate your schedule into personal calendars like Google, iCal, or Outlook

  • Print it out if you prefer a hard copy

  • Sign up for text, email, or phone call reminders and alerts, ensuring you never miss a pickup day.

Types of Bulk Items Accepted

Pile of bulky items including furniture, appliances, and mattresses for bulk pickup

Wondering what qualifies as a bulk item? Austin’s bulk collection service accepts a wide range of bulky items including:

  • furniture

  • appliances

  • mattresses

  • boxes

Correct categorization of items is key for efficient pickup.

Metal items generally include appliances and lawn mowers, while non-metal items encompass furniture and mattresses. All these items, however, must adhere to size limitations and should be prepared according to Austin Resource Recovery guidelines. Appliances, for instance, must have their doors removed prior to collection. Understanding the types of items accepted and their preparation guidelines will ensure a smooth bulk pickup experience.

Preparing Your Bulk Items for Collection

Separate piles of bulk items at the curb for collection

Proper preparation of your bulk items is necessary before the collection day arrives. You’ll want to divide them into three categories: metal items, non-metal items, and up to eight tires. Once sorted, these items should be placed by the curb or outside your home prior to the scheduled pickup day. Ensure that they do not block sidewalks, driveways, or streets.

Also, maintain clear separations between the piles based on their material type. This makes it easier for the collection crew and ensures a swift and efficient collection process.

Metal Items

For metal items, make sure they are separated from other types of waste and placed at the curb. This includes large metal items like appliances.

However, before placing these items out for collection, be sure to remove the doors. It’s also important to place these appliances in a designated area separate from other types of bulk waste. These steps play a vital role in ensuring the safety of the collection crew and the smooth execution of the pickup.

Non-Metal Items

Non-metal items, on the other hand, should be curbside in a separate pile from metal items and tires. This category of items includes furniture and mattresses. Before placing these out for collection, however, you need to ensure they are free of nails or sharp objects that could pose safety risks.

Other acceptable non-metal bulk items include:

  • Rolled fencing

  • Nail-free lumber

  • Pallets

  • Halved railroad ties

Proper preparation of these items not only ensures their collection but also protects the safety of the collection crew.


Finally, we come to tires. Passenger car tires are accepted during the City of Austin bulk pickup. However, truck or tractor tires, or any passenger tires still mounted on wheels, are not accepted.

Before setting out tires for bulk pickup, you must remove the tires from their rims. Also, remember to stick to the limit of eight tires per household. Once collected, these tires are sent to a recycling facility specializing in handling and repurposing tire materials. This emphasis on recycling aligns with Austin’s goal of sustainable waste management.

Prohibited Items in Bulk Collection

Though Austin’s bulk collection service accepts a wide array of items, certain things are explicitly excluded. Knowing what not to include in your bulk collection pile can save you from potential penalties.

Hazardous materials like pesticides, paints, batteries, solvents, oils, and biomedical waste are off-limits for bulk collection of household waste. The same goes for construction debris such as bricks, concrete, stone, and mirrors. Additionally, electronics including TVs, computers, and tires that are still mounted on rims require alternative disposal solutions. Understanding these exclusions will help you avoid any hiccups on collection day.

Alternative Disposal Options for Unacceptable Items

What options are available for items not accepted in the bulk collection? Instead of resorting to questionable disposal methods, consider alternative solutions that align with Austin’s environmental goals.

The Recycle and Reuse Drop-off Center provides a destination for Austin residents to dispose of various recyclables and hazardous waste items. Some local donation initiatives include:

  • Dress for Success
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore

  • Austin Creative ReUse

  • Goodwill

These organizations offer opportunities to donate items, supporting various charitable causes.

Alternatively, LoadUp, an eco-friendly junk hauling service, offers customers responsible disposal practices, including donations to local charities, unlike traditional junk removal companies. For specific items, like tires and medications, residents can dispose of them at local landfills, auto shops, or safe drop-off bins, and find new homes for usable items through local community groups.

Brush and Tree Waste Collection

Curbside collection of large brush and tree limbs

Austin Resource Recovery extends its services beyond bulk item collection to include:

  • Biannual curbside collection of large brush and tree limbs

  • This service applies to residential customers

  • The brush should be set out by 5:30 a.m. on the first day of the designated collection week.

Collected brush should meet specific size and placement guidelines. Residents of Austin and Travis County can also use the free drop-off service at the Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant. Accepted materials are then composted or made into Dillo Dirt, a testament to Austin’s commitment to recycling and sustainable waste management.

Holiday Schedule and Special Events

Regular service schedules can occasionally be disrupted by holidays and special events. In Austin, garbage pickup is only affected on three days: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

For New Year’s Day, the bulk pickup schedule adjusts with collections sliding forward one day for the entire week. The Austin Trash Collection & Recycling App helps residents stay updated on such adjustments, providing information on schedule shifts during holidays. The Recycle and Reuse Drop-off Center and Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant also adjust their services during holidays. Using the app, residents can navigate these occasional alterations with ease.

Austin Resource Recovery Services

The offerings of Austin Resource Recovery extend beyond mere bulk pickup services. It provides comprehensive curbside services including regular trash pickup and recycling, along with resources for apartments and condominiums. The Austin Recycles app offers residents an easy way to view their curbside collection calendar and access disposal instructions for various items.

The organization is also committed to sustainable waste management practices, with plans to:

  • Salvage reusable items from non-metal bulk collections in alignment with Austin’s Zero Waste goal

  • Create a reuse warehouse to support waste diversion efforts with a $4 million grant awarded to Austin

  • Make composting collection mandatory at multifamily communities in Austin

Tips for a Smooth Bulk Pickup Experience

For a seamless navigation of the bulk item pickup service, consider the following tips when dealing with bulk trash. First, bulk items should be placed at least five feet away from obstacles such as trash bins, mailboxes, fences, walls, water meters, telephone connection boxes, and parked cars.

Avoid placing bulk items under low-hanging tree branches or near fences to prevent any potential damage during the pickup process. For the safety of the workers and to accommodate the collection schedule, items should be placed at the curb by 5:30 a.m. on the day your collection day falls within the same week as your scheduled collection.

Additionally, large items, such as furniture, should be broken down into smaller pieces, if possible, and placed in bags or boxes for the convenience of the collection crew.

Austin Trash Collection & Recycling App

Austin residents can benefit from the Austin Trash Collection & Recycling App, also known as Austin Recycles. The app offers:

  • A personalized collection calendar for all residential curbside services

  • The possibility of integrating it with other calendar applications

  • The option to print out the schedules

The app is available for download from the Google Play Store.

The app also features:

  • A check for the eligibility of items for bulk collection

  • A calendar reminding users of bulk and brush collection dates

  • The ability for users to sign up for reminders and alerts for their waste collection schedule via text, email, or phone calls

  • Notifications prior to collection days

The app also provides a reporting feature, especially useful for residents of multifamily units. You can also access disposal instructions for a variety of items, including hazardous materials like fluorescent lamps and appliances.


Navigating Austin’s Bulk Pickup service may seem daunting at first, but with the right resources and preparation, it becomes a manageable and rewarding task. Understanding the types of items accepted, preparing them correctly, and knowing the schedules and alternatives for prohibited items are the keys to a smooth bulk pickup experience. Embrace the city’s commitment to sustainable waste management practices and contribute to a greener Austin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Austin do bulk pickup?

Austin does bulk pickups twice per year. Clothing and housewares can be scheduled for pickup on call.

Can Styrofoam be recycled Austin?

Yes, Styrofoam can be recycled in Austin, along with other single-stream recyclables and plastic bags.

What goes in the recycle bin in Austin TX?

In Austin, TX, you can put mixed paper, plastic, metal, and glass directly in your blue recycling cart for curbside collection at your home. No sorting is required.

What types of items does Austin’s bulk collection service accept?

The bulk collection service in Austin accepts a variety of items such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, and boxes, which are sorted into metal and non-metal categories for efficient collection. This ensures that a wide range of bulky items can be disposed of properly.

Are there any items not accepted in the bulk collection?

Yes, hazardous materials, construction and remodeling debris, electronics, and tractor tires are not accepted in the bulk collection. Please ensure to dispose of these items appropriately.